Open Letter to all PanAmers

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Warmly Welcome to the Project for all PanAmers!


Dear PanAmers,

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from all around the world we still know about reunion meetings where all those gather who used to work for the world’s most experienced airline.

In Berlin there was a great international reunion   with appr. 1.200 PanAmers reuniting at PAN AM’s former InterConti Hotel close to the Berliner Ku’Damm (Boulevard) which was well organized by Don Cooper again in May this year. Many local PanAmers from its Berlin base have done a

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great job in supporting and organizing the reunion.

With this PAN AM World DocuProject we address all of you who also see the need to preserve the enriching history of PAN AM’s People around the world where we/they all worked: at PAN AM’s bases and hubs!

Please don’t delay, join us in different ways:

Let us know about Your personal experience and history when working with PAN AM no matter whether as pilot, flight attendant, ground personal, mechanic, baggage handling, ops, w&b, ticketing, reservations or any other department.

Let us know about the history of your PAN AM base, hub or destination.

Let us know if you support us:  for technical support, interviewing others or getting interviewed, ideas, recommendations, pictures, films etc.

Let other PANAMers know about what we are doing!

Thank you for your sincere interest and support of preserving Your PAN AM legacy and sharing Your experience!

We also thank the PAN AM Historical Foundation, and the PAN AM Museum, especially Kelly Cusack, for their support and cooperation.

And maybe youhave already seen our Project at Berlin’s international reunion where many of us were joining in the PAN AM World DocuProject by being video interviewed. If you are not already participating, join us now and enjoy your enriching story with us by sharing it with your interview whereever you live all around the world like PAN AM World Round Flight!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Warm regards,

Rich Gilbraith

PAN AM I.G.S. (Berlin) until 1990

You can get more about the PAN AM Project immediately here…