PAN AM World Airways in Africa

PAN AM had a long history of flights through Africa. PAN AM founded „Pan Am Africa, Ltd.“ in the 1940s and flew through Africa even to e.g. Sudan.

Pan Am Africa Ltd. ……PAA Africa pilot hat badge 1940s

NAIROBI, Kenya (1990)

The Nairobi base operated with local cabin crews from Kenya until 1990 with their Airbus A-310 flights to Frankfurt, Germany, where PAN AM had its main European technical hub and where short and long haul  flights continued to many other destinations. The Nairobi based crews took the airbus over from the IGS Berlin based crews when they arrived at Frankfurt.

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PAN AM operated flights to several African destinations over decades:

North Africa

Morocco, Casablanca, Rabat

East Africa

Kenya, Nairobi (until 1990) – Tanzania, Dar es Salaam – Uganda, Entebbe/Kampala

Central Africa

Cameroon, Douala – Gabon, Libreville – Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo), Kinshasa

Southern Africa

South Africa, Johannesburg

West Africa

Benin, Cotonou – Côte d’Ivoire, Abidjan – Ghana, Accra – Guinea, Conakry – Liberia, Monrovia – Nigeria, Lagos – Senegal, Dakar