Airbus & Boeing Fleet

Airbus & Boeing Fleet


PAN AM and  Airbus….

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PAN AM’s Airbus fleet

A-300 Clippers overview

A-310 Clippers overview




PAN AM and  Boeing a legendary alliance…

PAN AM’s Boeing fleet

B-727 Clippers‘ overview

B-737 Clippers‘ overview

B-747 Clippers‘ overview


PAN AM Boeing 727 cockpit

Courtesy PAN AM Flight Academy


PAN AM’s ATR fleet

PAN AM Express ATR-42 Clippers‘ overview

Will be installed….

Courtesy Twitter FlyPanAm

Pan Am’s

Transatlantic Fleet

Boeing 314 1939-1946 introducing the flying boats age to the world
Boeing 307 Stratoliner Used for Air Transport Command flights during World War II
Douglas DC-4 Introduced 1946
Lockheed Constellation (049, 749) Introduced 1946
Boeing 377 Stratocruiser 1949-1960. First nonstop commercial transatlantic service on Nov. 27, 1954 (9 hours, 42 minutes)
Douglas DC-6 (-6A, -6B) Introduced 1952
Douglas DC-7 (-7B, -7C) Introduced 1956
Boeing 707 1958-1981 introducing the jet age to the world
Douglas DC-8 1960-1970
Boeing 747 1970-1991 introducing the Jumbo jet and widebodied aircraft age to the world
Douglas DC-10-30 1980-1985
Lockheed L-1011-500 1980-1986
Airbus A310 1985-1991  break through for Airbus for the U.S. and international aircraft market

First major U.S. airline to accept Airbus aircraft. PAN AM Airbus was the international break through for Airbus. Without PAN AM there would not be Airbus like it is nowadays…