Airbus & Boeing Jet Fleet

Airbus & Boeing Fleet

Courtesy Twitter FlyPanAm


PAN AM and  Airbus….more within short time

PAN AM and Boeing…more within short time


PAN AM operated for a short time also Lockheed A/C

Safety instruction courtesy of Heinz Müller (1970s)



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For knowlewdge: PAM AM’s international aircraft registration

All aircraft which used to have a N…PA-registration were PAN AM aircraft.



PAN AM’s Airbus fleet

Most PAN AM Airbus A-310-200s went to FedEx, the A-310-300s got spread around all over the world.

A-300 Clippers overview

A-310 Clippers overview


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Image above: Original 707 cockpit


PAN AM’s Boeing fleet

B-727 Clippers‘ overview

B-737 Clippers‘ overview

B-747 Clippers‘ overview


PAN AM Boeing 727 cockpit

Courtesy PAN AM Flight Academy


PAN AM’s ATR fleet

Bildergebnis für pan am express

The Berlin base was sold to Deutsche Lufthansa in 1990 but did not include PAN AM Express in Berlin.






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PAN AM Express was sold to TWA in 1990.


TWA just closed the Berlin base and operated U.S. based PAN AM Express under its own brand.



Bildergebnis für pan am express

File:PAN AM Express 1989.jpg