Annelie Santucci JFK/IGS

Annelie Santucci


With her fine experience she became a PAN AM stewardess end of the 1960s and was based at PAN AM’s JFK airport in New York. As she had italo-German roots she decided to return to Germany in the 1970s. She applied to work at PAN AM’s Berlin base (I.G.S.) back then. 1989 Annelie became a Supervisor for PAN AM’s Berlin based Flight Attendants where she worked until the base was sold in 1990.

Rich Gilbraith comments:

„Annelie was a lovely fellow PanAmer with a great heart. I flew with her on her last flight before she started being one of our PAN AM supervisors in 1989. I still remember when she talked about her time with PAN AM at JFK/New York and with PAN AM’s inauguration of the 747 jumbo jets. And what she said about the great challenges the cabin crews had with the in-flight-service. PAN AM had to inaugurate not just the new huge widebodied aircraft but also a totally new service on board. At was impressive. I still miss her kind personality and true fellowship.“