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You take part in this worldwide operation to preserve and “Share Your Experience”.

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Short briefing

We have seen enormous technical developments over the last years which include filming as well. These developments enable us to proceed much easier with the PAN AM  World DocuProject  with interviews Worldwide. You can make an interview even with your smartphone and tablet nowadays.

The PAN AM World DocuProject “Sharing Your Experience” is documenting by two means: Interviewing those who worked at PAN AM’s bases and hubs worldwide and documenting (including pictures etc.) the history of these bases and hubs.

We will give you useful support and personal counselling here with your ”PAN AM-IP Crew” LOG IN  .

Please enroll to get your PAN AM-IP Crewmember Certicifate you have not done this by now. You will get it here:

This all ensures a certain structure, content and red line for an excellent outcome of this project and makes it much easier for all: the interviewer, the interviewed and for documentation and releases. This all simplifies the realization as well as its coordination, and makes it much easier to proceed with this worldwide project you now take part in.

Here you will find what you need including downloads like:

Your PAN AM – IP Crew Briefing: How to conduct an interview

Interview Concept & Guideline

Useful tips and recommendations

Contact with your personal counselor

Info: This LOG IN download feature will be installed and available within short time.