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The World's Most Experienced Airline's People:
The PAN AM People.


 Collaboration and Partners

 We collaborate and support the efforts of the PAN AM Historical Foundation and PAN AM Museum to preserve PAN AM's and its People's unique legacy.
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Ed Trippe, Chairman of the Pan Am Historical Foundation in his interview



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What we do - the Project


PAN AM’s History of Bases

and their Staff

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Thank you for your sincere interest.

First of all, please let other PanAmers know about The PAN AM World Docu- Project.

We encourage PanAmers from bases and hubs all around the world to support the Project or join:

We also invite those PanAmers after 1991 to join in who were involved in the restarts and to preserve their experiences as well.

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To all PanAmers



Open Letter to All PanAmers & friends

With this PAN AM World DocuProject we address all of you...

Bildergebnis für pan am indian crew base pictures

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Thanks to all those who...


"There is a need for this project concerning all PAN AM bases and hubs with their staff in the U.S. and all over the world."


Thanks to all those who encouraged and supported us like

the PAN AM Historical Foundation,

the PAN AM Museum Foundation

and Ed Trippe...

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The Project's Focus On



Out of more than 120 destinations all over the world.

PAN AM Divisions, Bases & Hubs


PAN AM operated several bases within the U.S. and worldwide with local crews.

This was very unique at the time when it started like in Berlin (1950), Honolulu (1955), India, Moscow, Nairobi, Turkey, Warsaw etc.

 PAN AM's latest worldwide Air System

 The thrilling history in this regard about the PAN AM people with their bases is still not well researched and hardly documented. That is exactly our goal with this worldwide DocuProject. The PAN AM People and PAN AM bases worldwide.

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PAN AM People Worldwide


A Pan Am crew poses in front of a Boeing 747 SP



Get to know more from those who loved to work with PAN AM all over the world.

 PAN AM World DocuProject

"Sharing Your Experience"

Don't delay: take part, now!

Amazing Historical Research

The Staff: The PAN AM People.

The bases for PAN AM's slogan "The World's most experienced Airline" was due to "The World's most experienced Airline's People: The PAN AM People."Pan Am Strato Clipper Romance of the Skies, flying from Japan to Hawaii

The PAN AM DocuProject's focus is to know, preserve, and share the legacy of the PAN AM People.

Here you can get more about the PAN AM People: The PAN AM People Portraits.

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“I’m sure that everyone involved in aviation has a host of stories that they could tell about their experiences, but I will always take particular pride in my 19 years at PAN AM and the stories that members of the PAN AM family relate when they get together.  To me, PAN AM was a truly special place and time populated by special people doing amazing things.”

Bill Lange, after 19 years with PAN AM System Control in New York

 After dominating the airline industrie over decades: Why did Pan Am's decline begin?

Know more about this issue and historical facts here...

The PAN AM family & corporate identity

How did PAN AM create...

... such a unique family feeling despite being such a big air carrier and

... such a unique corporate identity with their employees worldwide and as brand?

File:China Clipper II at Wake Island 1985.jpg

Why did those working with PAN AM felt like being part of the PAN AM family?

... over decades and generations of employees....

Know more about how PAN AM hired, trained and developed its staff worldwide now...

Unknown stories: Pan Am's flights under extraordinary circumstances

Pan Am as THE global airline was present all over the worlPan Am stewardesses on the tarmac in Beirut, Lebanon, 1974d. Pan Am crews had the most experience to operate where others could and would never. Pan Am's history regarding extraordinary flights is long and what Pan Am crews achieved is indeed amazing.

That is why Pan Am usually was the last airline flying out and the first airline starting to operate flights after or even during exceptional cicumstances and situations like after earthquakes and other natural desasters, civil unrests, and wars.

Know more unknown thrilling Pan Am's stories ready to be made movies of here...

PAN AM's CEOs Portraits

Juan T. Trippe, PAN AM Founder and CEO

and first PanAmer

Juan Terry Trippe portrait

Courtesy of PAN AM Historical Foundation


About PAN AM's CEOs read more here...

PAN AM's Legendary Jet Fleet

Learn more about how PAN AM's orders

influenced the extraordinary success of Airbus & Boeing


   Know more amazing details about:

  • PAN AM's largest Airbus widebodied a/c fleet,
  • PAN AM's largest Boeing 747 fleet and
  • PAN AM's Clipper Cargo, the largest Cargo Airline at its time.

And where those Clippers were in use after You flew them!

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PAN AM's Clipper Magazins

PAN AM's astonishing "Firsts & Lasts" Facts



The Pan American Clipper crew arrives in Honolulu on April 17, 1935

The Pan American Clipper crew arrives in Honolulu on April 17, 1935.

(Photograph, courtesy of PAN AM Historical Foundation)

PAN AM World Airways' worldwide Firsts

PAN AM invented, implemented, launched or inaugurated almost everything you expect from an airline nowadays:

The pilot's uniform, first stewardess on board, navigational system, worldwide destinations, air traffic control, service and safety standards, first transpacific flights, first transatlantic flights, first round-the world-service, first regular business (Clipper Class) and tourist class (Economy Class) first airliner's use of an own computer reservations system (PANAMAC), first using nowadays long haul & widebodied aircraft of Airbus and Boeing and more, and more....

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PAN AM World Airways' Worldwide Lasts


PAN AM's last flight out of London Heathrow's airport where PAN AM had its main hub and European base with local crews for decades until 1990/91.



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