London (LHR) Base, U.K.

Pan Am’s London Heathrow base was its main European base for long haul flights over the Atlantic with connections to several European destinations.

                                                    PAN AM Boeing 727-2oo at London’s Heathrow airport (LHR)

Infact there was no other non-European airline with more European destinations than Pan Am also concerning inner-European flights. Most flights continued from Pan Am’s main European hubs London Heathrow, Frankfurt and Berlin (including New York based crews operating long haul A-310 flights to and from Berlin, IGS and local Pan Am Express Berlin).

Pan Am’s New York based crews operated Pan Am flights to London Gatwick (LGW) after the London Heathrow (LHR) base was sold  where Pan Am’s A-310 showed up until 1991.



Rare left picture shows: One of Pan Am’s last flights to London (LGW) after the London (LHR) routes were already sold in 1990.

Pan Am A-310 at London Gatwick airport (image 1991)

Pan Am at Juan Trippe’s direction ‚invented‘ economy class, but that was right after WWII. The flying boats all had several cabins, some more luxurious than others, some with lay flat seats to sleep in others with berths, but all were considered more than coach or ecy.

Pan Am banned for inventing Economy Class from London

When PAA invented Economy Class (ECY), so many airlines objected, IATA banned Pan Am from London for almost ten years! Finally all relented and today we have what we have aft the 1st Class curtain!

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