Miami Hub, USA

PAN AM shut down their maintenance base at MIA around 1970 and consolidated their aircraft maintenance at JFK until the National Airlines merger in 1980 and they inherited their new maintenance hangar which National built around 1975,which is now used by American Airlines.

The PAN AM Flight Academy at Miami is the only remaining original PAN AM company nowadays. It was bought by  All Nippon Airways (AN) which invested Millions over the last years to keep the training and mock-up facilities at supreme standard.

Up to the 1960s it was called PAN AM College (for stewardesses), then PAN AM Academy.Thousands of pilots and flight attendants have been trained by PAN AM’s Academy even up to now. In that sense there are still PAN AM pilots and cabin staff flying all over the world for many different airlines. The PAN AM Academy runs other training facilities outside the U.S. like in Japan or in London.