Neerja Bhanot BOM

Neerja Bhanot

Neerja Bhanot

(7 September 1963 – 5 September 1986), was a PAN AM purser based at PAN AM’s Mumbay base (BOM) in India. She was shot and killed while saving hundreds of passengers on board PAN AM flight 73, which was hijacked by terrorists on 5 September 1986. Posthumously, she became the youngest recipient of India’s highest peacetime award for bravery, the Asok Chakra Award. Her life and heroism inspired a biopic in the form of Ram Madhvani’s „Neerja“ (movie relase in 2016).


She saved 359 people among 379 and was shot while helping passengers escape from the emergency exits.



For the 2016 biographical film, see Neerja.

In the background we see a man holding a gun in the aisle of an airplane. Superimposed in the foreground, a hand presses the barrel of a handgun on a woman's forehead.