Official PAN AM Time Tables of its Berlin Services

 PAN AM’s Internal German Service (I.G.S.) time table with its new Boeing 727 Jet service for Berlin flights (1971)

Courtesy of Heinz Müller

Above: During PAN AM’s whole internal German operation until 1990 prices were set and fixed. Changes had to approved in collaboration with the western Alliies (Berlin was under their control since WWII)

Official Berlin flight timetables (above, left and right) when PAN AM had a market share of up to 70% of all Berlin flights.

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…where PAN AM was the leading carrier  until 1990.

PAN AM IGS crews operated until step-by-step take over on Lufthansa behalf from October 27 th (officially the last own PAN AM flight to Berlin, please see video about the last I.G.S. flight from Frankfurt to Berlin ) from 1990 to 1991 within Germany.

PAN AM’s 727 was also in regular use europewide by London LHR, Belgrade, Warsaw and Istanbul based crews for intra-European flight like to London, Paris, Zurich, Geneva, Oslo, Istanbul, Ankara, Athens, Ljubljana, Budapest, Zagreb, Belgrade until 1991.