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PAN AM’s Trans-Atlantic and European History:


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PAN AM bases in Europe

PAN AM started its trans-Atlantic operations to Europe already in the 1930s when there have been only a few or even no airports nor any landing fields in Europe, later with London based crews. PAN AM flew about 70 million passengers within Germany to West-German cities from Berlin beginning in the 1940s.

After more than 50 years of service PAN AM used to be the largest Non-European carrier in whole Europe with own local bases like Warsaw and Belgrade even during the "iron curtain" and "east block" era. Moscow based Russian crews operated with American crews the Moscow-Washingston Nonstop service during Soviet era.

Local European PAN AM crews flew from London to Oslo, from Berlin to Tenerife/Canary Islands, from Frankfurt to Athens, from Zurich to Istanbul (own base) and many more destinations. All usually with B-727-200s.

Such agreements and operations have been unique in whole aviation industry in many ways and PAN AM as aviation pioneer made it possible.

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List of Destinations within PAN AM's European Air System


of European Countries with PAN AM Operations (mostly scheduled services)

PAN AM  used to be the largest Non-European carrier in Europe serving more than 60 cities within Europe.

Get an impression of what PAN AM achieved with ist European services. For its European services

PAN AM founded different PAN AM subsidiaries like PAN AM I.G.S. for the Internal German Services which expanded to operating regular scheduled and charter flights through whole Europe, PAN AM's LHR base for mainly Transatlantic and some (mostly connecting ) Intra-European flights like to OSLO and PAN AM Express (second base in Berlin TXL), and smaller bases like Warsaw, Belgrade and Istanbul base.

PAN AM opened the skies for Europena destinations and routes in general and then later following airlines, and laid the ground  for making it easy to fly in Europe as it is nowadays.

PAN AM's Berlin operations had two bases: The PAN AM World Airways's base and PAN AM Express with separated crews for different aircraft.

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PAN AM Clipper Magazin for Germany

Special Editions for the German services



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PAN AM Express Berlin


PAN AM Express ATR-42 at Sylt airport,  Berlin based until 1991 when PAN AM Express was taken over by TWA which closed operations then at Berlin’s Tegel airport.

Pan Am Express, which was not included in Pan Am’s IGS sale to Lufthansa, continued operating all of its German and...please read more here...

List of destinations of PAN AM Express Berlin