PAN AM Clipper Magazins for the World

PAN AM offered it famous Clipper Magazins each month for its guest on board and its InterContinental Hotel guests (in their rooms) even after the Hotel chain was sold until 1991. For the Internal German Service (I.G.S. Berlin) PAN AM offered a German edition.

International edition of PAN AM Clipper Magazins was offered for its different worldwide divisions serately until PAN AM sold its Pacific Division to United Airlines in 1985. Then on all international flight one English edition was offered except in Germany.











Here you see the Atlantic edition of PAN AM’s international Clipper Magazin in English.(1968)

You can read „ATLANTIC“ at the right corner…



















































This Clipper Magazin promoted PAN AM’s Asian destination like Hawaii.

At the right corner you see „ASIA INSERT“ which shows that this Clipper Magazin was offered on PAN AM’s Pacific Division.