PAN AM Flight Schedule (1986) after sale of Pacific Division

 PAN AM’s Flight Schedule (1986)

1991 - May 1 - Pan Am Airlines Timetables, Route Maps and History.

This Flight Schedule (1986) already excludes destinations of PAN AM’s Pacific Division which was  sold to United Airlines in 1985. PAN AM used to have an Asian market share between 14 to 23 %.

PAN AM’s later CEO Thomas G. Plaskett tried to get back the fast growing Asian market for PAN AM in 1988 when PAN AM tried to take over Northwest Airlines which had a strong Asian airsystem. The merger was expected to result in annual savings of $240 million. Due to an investment group headed by Al Checci PAN AM was outbid, Northwest almost went bancrupt on this and later was absorbed by Delta Airlines. Just a little more than two years after PAN AM’s last buyout attempt PAN AM stopped services in 1991.