PAN AM Seat Configurations


PAN AM was launching customer of many different aircraft types which were used on very different flights, some operating as short haul some as long haul flights, some for high frequented routes like the PAN AM Shuttle or the German I.G.S. Berlin operations. For these reasons the many different aircraft types were used with many different set configurations. And always focused on offering the most suitable and best choice for each guest on board.



Here you will find more about which seat configurations were used by PAN AM until 1991.


PAN AM Seat Configuration „South America Configuration“





PAN AM’s Caribbean and South American routes began in the 1920s with more than 65 years of services. Due to PAN AM’s fine First and Clipper Class popularity on those routes, PAN AM offered a larger First and Clipper Class section on its Boeing 747 Jumbo Jets.













PAN AM used the largest Airbus A-310 fleet at it time.




The A-310 was also in use in Europe like on Berlin-Frankfurt flights (a high frequented route), from Frankfurt to Nairobi operated by locally based Kenyan cabin crews and for the New York-Berlin Nonstop flight.


The German based crews operated the A-310 also for charter flights within Europe like to Dalaman, Turkey.





Boeing 727-200 and Airbus A-300 Seat Configuration (1991)