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Here you will find more details and history about PAN AM’s U.S. and worldwide divisions, bases and hubs including graphics and PAN AM’s related airsystem.

Step-by-step you will also find interviews with the experiences and memorabilia of those PANAMers who worked for PAN AM worldwide.

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PAN AM Flight Schedule including PAN AM Express (1991)



PAN AM operated several bases within the U.S. and worldwide with local crews which was very unique at the time when it started like in Berlin, Nairobi, Turkey, India, Warsaw, Moscow etc.. The history in this regard about the PAN AM people with their experiences is still not well researched and hardly documented. That is exactly our goal with this worldwide DocuProject.

PAN AM „Mock up“ for evacuation and safety crew training

Those mock ups were used not only at the main bases for crew training but also at smaller ones line PAN AM’s I.G.S. (Berlin) base in one of the hangars at the left of Berlin-Tegel’s airport until 1990 the last generation of German  F/A (flight attendant) cabin crews were trained.

At the main bases like New York (JFK) and Miami PAN AM used to train cockpit as well as cabin crews of other airlines as well. The PAN AM Flight Academy still is well known worldwide for training crews of several airlines.

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BELGRADE, Yugoslavia/Serbia

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BERLIN, Germany („I.G.S.“)

PAN AM’s Berlin base (IGS) operated until 1990 with more than 70 million passengers between West-Berlin and West-Germany on scheduled services. Berlin based crews operated also PAN AM charter flights over a period of decades to many European destinations like Antalya, Izmir, Dalaman, Mallorca, Heraklion, Canary Islands, and even beyond like Kuwait and many more… PAN AM’s I.G.S. base was unique in one certain point. German based cabin crews had a so called Senior Flight Attendant but no Purser. The most senior on board was supposed to be in the purser position and in charge for the cabin crew. At alle other bases PAN AM trained special Purser for the purser position.

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PAN AM’s London Heathrow base was its main European base for long haul flights over the Atlantic with connections to several European destinations…Most flights continued from PAN AM’s main European hubs London Heathrow, Frankfurt and Berlin…PAN AM’s New York based crews operated PAN AM flights to London Gatwick (LGW) after the London Heathrow (LHR) base was sold  where PAN AM’s A-310 showed up until 1991…

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PAN AM resumed operations in 1986 under a new bilateral agreement with the USSR. Eventually the US and the USSR came to an agreement with PAN AM getting four flights per week (Soviet/Russian Aeroflot got two) between New York and Moscow, the right to serve Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) on the same route and a street-level office in the International Trade Building in Moscow.

The agreement also gave PAN AM First Freedom (overfly) rights over Soviet territory on flights between Europe and the Indian Subcontinent and also provided a revenue balancing feature whereby upon reaching a 12,000 passenger threshold, PAN AM, Aeroflot or both would pay each other $350 per passenger exceeding that threshold.

The route was operated by PA 74 with Pan Am’s 747 equipment between New York and Frankfurt and a Boeing 727 between Moscow and Leningrad. The return was operated by PA 65, coming from Leningrad. PAN AM’s B-727 Clipper Invincible  arrived on Pan American’s first flight from Frankfurt am at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport 29 April 1986. Thiese flights operated twice a week.

American and Soviet-Russian mixed PAN AM cabin crews: A unique operation during „cold war“ time

PAN AM continued this service until 1988 with the inauguration of non-stop service between New York and Moscow with the Boeing 747.  The new service was an unusual arrangement whereby both PAN AM and Aeroflot offered non-stop service using PAN AM Boeing 747 operated by a PAN AM flight crew and were able to sell up to half the passenger and cargo space each, charging fares at their own rates. Each flight would also carry up to three Aeroflot flight attendants to assist Soviet passengers who could not speak English.

The service was praised by an Aeroflot official as a “friendship air bridge” and came about as a result of the then improving business climate between the US and the USSR. The new nonstop service did not replace the existing narrow-body service that also included the stop in Leningrad.

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WARSAW, Poland

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TEL AVIV, Israel

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PAN AM’s Indian crews were trained at PAN AM’s hub at Miamia, Florida. In India the movie Neerja is about one of PAN AM’s Indian flight attendants and is based on the real life story of Neerja Bhanot.

BOMBAY (Mumbay), India

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TOKYO, Japan

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PAN AM had a long history of flights through Africa. PAN AM founded „Pan Am Africa, Ltd.“ in the 1940s and flew through Africa even to e.g. Sudan.

NAIROBI, Kenya (1990)

The Nairobi base operated with local cabin crews from Kenya until 1990 with their Airbus A-310 flights to Frankfurt, Germany, where PAN AM had its main European technical hub and where short and long haul  flights continued to many other destinations. The Nairobi based crews took the airbus over from the IGS Berlin based crews when they arrived at Frankfurt.

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PAN AM operated flights to several African destinations over decades:

North Africa

Morocco, Casablanca, Rabat

East Africa

Kenya, Nairobi (until 1990) – Tanzania, Dar es Salaam – Uganda, Entebbe/Kampala

Central Africa

Cameroon, Douala – Gabon, Libreville – Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo), Kinshasa

Southern Africa

South Africa, Johannesburg

West Africa

Benin, Cotonou – Côte d’Ivoire, Abidjan – Ghana, Accra – Guinea, Conakry – Liberia, Monrovia – Nigeria, Lagos – Senegal, Dakar

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