PAN AM’s Airbus A-310 Jet Fleet

After taken over PAN AM’s A-310 with the puchase of PAN AM’s transatlantic routes Delta Air Lines used the PAN AM A-310.

At Berlin’s Tegel (TXL) airport you could see the DAL A-310s landing and recognize they were former PAN AM aircraft because in 1991 you could still see the PAN AM livery under the quickly repainted „DELTA AIR LINES“ at the fuselage.

Finally all PAN AM Airbus A310-200 were converted to freigthers for Fedex.

Left image: PAN AM Clipper Frankfurt N802PA


Right image: Munich in 1985 N801PA

DAL started „enjoying“ Airbus aircraft  and enlargen the Airbus fleet after they took over PAN AM’s A-310 and former PAN AM crews. DAL then ordered another 9 A310-324 direct from Airbus.

This was the next step for Airbus into the formerly dominated U.S. market which was initiated by PAN AM’s orders with Airbus when starting to modernize its Jet Fleet with Airbus instead of with Boeing.


c/n 439 Panam N811PA – Delta N811PA – Air Club C-GCIL – Air India C-GCIL – Aeropostal F-OHPU – Lybian Arab F-OHPU – Khalifa F-OHPU

c/n 442 Panam N812PA – Delta N812PA – Aeroflot F-OGYP

c/n 449 Panam N813PA – Delta N813PA – Air Club C-GCIO – Air India C-GCIO – Aeropostal F-OHPV – Khalifa F-OHPV

c/n 450 Panam N814PA – Delta N814PA – Tarom YR-LCC crashed near Bucharest 31 march 1995

c/n 451 Panam N815PA – Delta N815PA – Air Club C-GCIV – Air Plus Comet EC-GMU



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PAN AM Clipper Hamburg N804PA



c/n 452 Panam N816PA – Delta N816PA – Aeroflot F-OGYO – Sakha Avia F-OGYO – Khalifa F-OHPY

c/n 453 Panam N817PA – Delta N817PA – Aeroflot F-OGYQ – Aerolineas Argentinas F-OGYQ

c/n 455 Panam N818PA – Delta N818PA – Air Club C-GCIT – Air Plus Comet EC-GOT


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PAN AM Clipper Northern Light N819PA


c/n 456 Panam N819PA – Delta N819PA – Aeroflot F-OGYR – Aerolineas Argentinas F-OGYR – Transaero F-OGYR


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PAN AM Clipper Berlin N801PA










c/n 457 Panam N820PA – Delta N820PA – Diamond Sakha F-OGYM – Aeroflot F-OGYM – Khalifa F-OGYM

c/n 458 Panam N821PA – Delta N821PA – Diamond Sakha F-OGYN – Aeroflot F-OGYN – Khalifa F-OGYN

c/n 467 Panam N822PA – Delta N822PA – Aeroflot F-OGYS – Aerolineas Argentinas F-OGYS – Khalifa F-OGYS

c/n 539 Panam N823PA – Delta N823PA – Air India V2-LEC – Merpati PK-MAW – Fedex N ?

c/n 542 Panam N824PA – Delta N824PA – Air India V2-LED – Merpati PK-MAX – Fedex N ?