Arthur and Greta Rindner

Arthur and Greta Rindner

Orit Rindner runs as administrator the facebook site „Former Pan Am employees“ and gives this interesting biography of their parents with Pan Am:

„I am a daughter of a former Pan Am employee, my father, Arthur Rindner- Mgr Maintenance Contract, and my mother, Greta Rindner, who ran the PAA office in Kabul, Afghanistan (Ticketing/Reservations Manager) and my mom is the one who established this page and unfortunately passed away in 2009.“

(Orit continues by ginving an overview:)

We were based in:

LHR – 1963 London, UK

BEG – 1963-1968 Belgrade, Yugoslavia

IAH – 1968-1972 Houston, Texas

LAX – 1972-1973 Los Angeles, California

IAH – 1973-1976 Houston, Texas

FIH – 1976-1977 Kinshasa, Zaire

KBL – 1977-1979 Kabul, Afghanistan

IST – 1979-1980 Istanbul, Turkey

FRA – 1980-1986 Frankfurt, Germany

LED – 1986-1988 Leningrad, USSR

FRA – 1988-1991 Frankfurt, Germany