The PAN AM People Worldwide


written by Don Cooper

„It was quite apparent to most of us, no matter what your vintage of hire or your length of employment was with Pan American, it was more than just a neat job! It was a venture packed with extraordinary experiences and surprises to say the least. During that journey, profound impressions were acquired about cultures, customs and the world. You could say it was a National Geographic experience. Friendships and associations were cultivated with fellow co-workers from around the world resulting in a family of colleagues.

Even though we were a dynamic force, we also had a tenacity to take our way life and everything about our iconic company for granted and that it would always be there for us. Then, one day in 1984 the mighty Pacific Division was sold. This fragmentation was devastating and then, with the help of terrorism over Lockerbie, Scotland in December 1988, our distinguished icon was having financial difficulties and by December 1991 the great icon was gone leaving an emotional void in our lives. All that remained was our wonderful heritage and memories of this great company to cherish.  Our Clippers, with their renowned blue ball emblazoned on their tails and the American flag on their fuselages, that navigated the skies to destinations with strange names and representing the United States would no longer be. A devastating blow for Pan Amers!“

Don Cooper

Captain with PAN AM worldwide including I.G.S. (PAN AM’s Berlin base until 1991), Director of the PAN AM Historical Foundation and organizer of the international reunions of PanAmers and PAN AM friends for more than 20 years, the last one in 2017 in Berlin

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Female Pan Am mechanic at La Guardia

Pan Am female mechanic c.1944 taking care of maintenance ‚inside‘ the engine of a B314 Clipper flying boat. Even up to nowadays not common at airlines and other companies.

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