What we do


Step by step we are researching and documenting PAN AM's U.S. and worldwide bases' history with the focus on PAN AM's people by these means:


Worldwide Interviews of PanAmers

to preserve their personal PAN AM related legacy with their experiences, memorabilia like pictures, belongings, and more.


For that reason we ask PanAmers from all over the world

for their support in giving details on their bases' history or/and for interview wherever they want.

We all appreciate your contribution to this historical research and documentation.


The PAN AM World DocuProject: "Sharing Your Experience"

... welcomes the collaboration with all PAN AM organizations worldwide.​


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About us

…and why we started the PAN AM World DocuProject

The ground for PAN AM’s historical and legendary development and operations was laid by the dedication and commitment of the PAN AM people with their fine skills and experience.

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The Basis

for the PAN AM World DocuProject


“The World’s most experienced Airline’s People: The PAN AM People” enabled PAN AM World Airways to become “The World’s most experienced Airline”.

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Why we started

in Berlin

We started with our PAN AM World DocuProject in Berlin with PAN AM's  “Internal German Service” in 2017. PAN AM’s I.G.S. operated between 1946 until 1991 with about 70 million passengers between West-Berlin and West-Germany.

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