What you can do

„There is a need for this project concerning all PAN AM bases and hubs with their staff in the U.S. and all over the world.“

Thank you for your sincere interest.

First of all, please let other PanAmers know about The PAN AM World DocuProject. We then also appreciate the encouragement and support you can give to help us to proceed with this project like recommendations, connections, technical support and donations.

We also appreciate and encourage PanAmers from bases and hubs all around the globe which was firstly connected by PAN AM to support and join us:


We are happy to coordinate your and our all efforts to preserve PANAM’s people heritage in this way as well.

And we also invite those PanAmers after 1991 to join in who were involved in the restarts after PAN AM World Airways, Inc. and PAN AM Express, and to preserve their experiences as well.

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