Why we started in Berlin

We started with our PAN AM World DocuProject in Berlin in 2017 where PAN AM World Airways and PAN AM Express used to run a base of more than 200 pilots and about 350 flight attendants as well as a lot of highly skilled ground personal to operate the “Internal German Service” (PAN AM IGS Base) finally with Airbus A-300, A-310, Boeing 727-200 and ATR 42 TurboProps.

PAN AM’s IGS operated between 1946 (done by American Overseas which was taken over by PAN AM in 1950) until 1991 with about 70 million passengers between West-Berlin and West-Germany.

The reason we started in Berlin: As I was based with PAN AM in Berlin until 1990, live and still are associated with PANAMers here I kick-started the project in Berlin.

We encourage and invite other PANAMers all around the world to cooperate with us and enlargen this project to other PAN AM bases, hubs and destinations with their experience and historical knowledge as well.

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